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The Challenge

As transformational technologies like 5G, SDN/NFV, SD-WAN, virtualization, and IoT are being adopted, networks have become more complex than ever and with additional ‘blind spots’. Today Service Providers and Enterprises must be able to see all of their data and applications in real time to secure and manage their growing networks and traffic demands while improving productivity and keeping watch for security attacks and leaks. Learn about NetDescribe's proven security solution now: Cubro

Cubro – the solution from NetDescribe

The solution from NetDescribe is the use of Network Packet Broker (NBP). Cubro provides a comprehensive set of network visibility solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and performance-oriented. With products that enable total network visibility into traffic, Cubro enhances and supports deployments in the Telecommunications, ISP, Data Centre, Enterprise, and Government spaces whether it be in virtualized or physical environments. With Cubro, NetDescribe offers leading technology that keeps you ahead of the curve.

1 Cubro Portfolio

Cubro products observe all traffic traversing an organization’s network and copy relevant data from any part of the network, including on premise, in the cloud and in virtual environments. The data is passed efficiently to 3rd party network security, analytics and network monitoring tools on their terms, when and how, to ensure there are no monitoring ‘blind spots’.
The tools thus have full visibility of all network traffic to allow them to execute their function correctly and efficiently to improve IT services’ performance and enhance data security, while their loading is minimized to extend their lifespan and they are able to monitor previously disparate and speed incompatible networks and services.
Consequently, Cubro solutions are instrumental in the successful outcomes of IT initiatives including:

  • 5G/4G/3G Customer Experience Management and Service Assurance
  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Security
  • Virtualized Data Centres
  • Software Defined Networking/NFV
  • High Performance Networks

2 Cubro Network Packet Broker (NPB)

To cope with current and future network challenges, enterprises need a powerful, high-speed platform offering insight into the network. Cubro offers a whole series of Network Packet Brokers EX (up to L4) and EXA (up to L7). The latest product is the EXA8.

The Cubro EXA8 is an affordable and high-performance hardware platform designed with network visibility and monitoring applications foremost in mind. As a compact multi application device which can be used for aggregation, filtering and capturing of network traffic in real-time the EXA8 is the universal enterprise network monitoring tool.

At the heart of the EXA8 is a 4-core ARM CPU paired with 16GB of DDR4 RAM. The front panel of the EXA8 features 8 copper ports, 2 x 1/10g ports, as well as a management and console interface. The 8 copper ports of the EXA8 feature a built-in bypass functionality allowing them to not only serve as individual ingress/egress ports, but also as a fail-safe TAP for up to 4 links.
To add even more to the versatility and potential applications of the EXA8 it comes equipped with a 1TB M.2 SSD, Micro SD card slot, and two USB 3.0 Interfaces.

  • a universal enterprise network monitoring tool
  • a compact multi application device which can be used for aggregation, filtering and capturing of network traffic in real-time
  • captures data for real time analysis as well as historical playback - excellent for troubleshooting
  • captures on USB or SSD
  • capable of performing several other advanced applications like a Sessionmaster
  • allows to run 3rd party applications

The EXA8 offers an unprecedented network-centric development platform for an almost endless variety of applications. As such, multiple options are available with application-specific software packages, as well as a community version for research, development, and custom deployments.

A must-have tool for all enterprises!




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