HCL DRYiCE iControl

The Challenge

The financial services industry is moving in a highly competitive market. Start-ups and new technologies are changing existing business models. In addition, there is a strongly growing volume and a strict regulatory environment. In order to keep ahead of the competition, business processes must be monitored efficiently and risks minimized. Often, business process management (BPM) tools are used for this, but they are usually not integrated across the organisation. Most incidents are reported AFTER they occur, which is a high risk to financial institutions from a business and compliance standpoint.

HCL DRYiCE iControl – the Performance Solution from NetDescribe

In order to counter these risks and increase efficiency, financial services institutions must be able to efficiently monitor processes in real time. DRYiCE iControl is specifically designed to give companies a comprehensive end-to-end view of business processes. They need to know WHEN something goes wrong WHEN it happened and WHERE the problem occurred in the process. With DRYiCE iControl, companies can respond quickly and effectively to all kinds of problems.

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