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The Challenge

Network traffic is constantly increasing and becoming more complex. HTTP, cloud computing and virtualization of the network become standard. Ensuring network security and effective analysis are becoming increasingly difficult with existing monitoring and security tools. Security teams are fighting the amount of SIEM alarms, firewall logs, IPS Alerts, malware infections, ransomware, and data breaches. Even today, only 30% of the security warnings are being investigated. Important notes can not be ignored, as in the past, as the GDPR must be complied with. It takes an average of 170 days and costs a lot of money to get everything under control, destroy botnets, and get the right answers. Learn about the proven security solutions of NetDescribe, Gigamon and Ixia.

Gigamon and Ixia – the solutions from NetDescribe

NetDescribes´s preferred solution is to implement so called packet brokers. These rack mounted appliances filter all network traffic and distribute relevant information to network analysis and security tools. As a result you can keep up with the increasing speed of bandwidth (100Gbit/s) without upgrading your tools and deduplicate data prior to forwarding them. The ROI is very attractive and the gain of visibility speaks for itself. NetDescribe offers two leading technologies: Gigamon and Ixia.

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