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Increasing volume of data is todays challenge for IT operations in Your organization. Dynamic adaption to the specific demands of security, network management and compliance guidelines can only be achieved with flexible tools that enable high-level automation of standard tasks.

NetDescribe Professional Services provide an individual consulting service prior to any selection of technology. As a trusted advisor we ideally combine your legacy with new sets of options to optimize your infrastructure visibility and stay on top of the massive amount of data.

We understand what interruption of service can mean for your business. Continuous monitoring combined with intelligent analysis still remain the basis for security and operations teams. The NetDescribe technology stack provides highly automated identification and rapid root cause analysis to protect your valuable services from interruptions. The notification takes place in real time and from ALL sources of the infrastructure.

NetDescribe Professional Services accompany you to a seamless and fully automated monitoring. We consider only extremely scalable as valuable. Our experts have been providing answers to the IT challenges of today and tomorrow for more than 15 years. We support you throughout the entire process and beyond to help you succeed and protect your investment.

We are partner of:

Splunk® Enterprise
Operational Intelligence & Security

OUTCOLD Solutions in Splunk®
Monitoring of Openshift, Kubernetes and Docker

uberAgent in Splunk®
User Experience and
Application Performance Monitoring

Host Based Network Segmentation

Cloud Observability & Digital Experience Monitoring

Next-Generation Endpoint Protection

Enterprise Cyber Analytics

StableNet® powered by Infosim®
Automated Network & Service Management

Agentless Device Security

Confluent Platform
SIEM Optimization based on Apache Kafka®

Confluent Platform
SIEM Optimization based on Apache Kafka®

NetV as a Service
Individual network management based on monthly billing

Next Generation Business Flow Intelligence

Data-Driven Security Platform for the Cloud

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