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Your colleagues complain to support why the log-in to applications takes so long. The product management wants to know which applications are in use. And you ask yourself which backend-server is responsible for slowing down your session.
With NetDescribe and our Splunk App uberAgent you monitor the important KPIs for user experience, the ultimate score for efficient IT Services and the application performance. You significantly strengthen your SMB Performance.

uberAgent for Splunk – the Performance Solution from NetDescribe

With the automated application identification by uberAgent the kryptic process names become history - without configuration and even for App-V and Java apps. uberAgent actively informs you about bad log-in times and shows you which part of the process causes the slow down. Very often it is the overloaded backend server. uberAgent simplifies the analysis and shows you how much data have been transferred to the associated backend server and how long it took. The stability of server and application will be measured. True help for your operation.

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