The Challenge

IT landscapes are becoming increasingly heterogeneous and dynamic – workloads are growing exponentially. But there are also many challenges associated with using the cloud. Managing security incidents proves difficult due to limited visibility. The time-consuming manual tracking and false positives create a certain alarm fatigue.


Lacework – the Performance Solution from NetDescribe

Lacework’s data-driven, automated security platform detects anomalies and provides visibility across all processes and applications. The solution identifies misconfigurations, compliance risks and vulnerabilities in multi-cloud and container environments.

Your advantage is comprehensive cloud-native application security as well as enhanced visibility. The intelligence of Lacework reduces false positives to a minimum and thus helps to use the available (SOC) resources in a targeted manner. In this way, your organisation can securely access all the benefits of the cloud.

Lacework enables monitoring of your (multi-)cloud/container infrastructure, analyzing and contextualizing billions of interactions across cloud workloads and accounts. The solution brings development and security resources together by shifting security earlier in the development process and making activity data accessible.

Lacework ingests, processes and analyses behavioral activity to provide the best possible visibility into what’s happening in your cloud/container environment. Through comprehensive analysis of data, Lacework reduces noise and delivers the right alert, at the right time, in the right context, so you can take the necessary action for your business and protect your cloud/container data.

The Lacework platform offers a number of advantages:

Advanced Threat Detection
Identify anomalous activity that deviates from behavioral models and may indicate a threat.

Tool Consolidation
Eliminate unnecessary tools to consolidate tooling and boost scalability.

Improved Efficiency
Reduce alert noise and false positives with data-driven analysis, saving time and resources.

Enhanced Visibility
Achieve deep visibility into and across processes and applications within cloud and container environments to improve threat detection, incident investigation and triaging.

Continuous Configuration Compliance
Detect and report on misconfigurations that violate regulatory compliance requirements.

Lacework’s foundation is based on the patented Polygraph™ technology, which uses unsupervised machine learning, behavioral analytics and anomaly detection to uncover threats, misconfigurations, known bad and outliers across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, workloads, containers and Kubernetes. Lacework automatically learns activities and behaviors, that are unique to each customer’s environment, creates a baseline and surfaces unexpected changes, so they can uncover potential issues and threats, before they become a major problem.

Anomaly Detection
Security has gotten so complex, that there’s no other way to scale with the cloud, than to use deep learning and a behavioral approach to anomaly detection.

Total Visibility
Lacework gives you visibility into your Cloud environments and leverages the cloud to knock down silos among security professionals, developers and business leaders.

Business Enabler
Lacework keeps pace with your constantly evolving cloud environment and helps you accelerate innovation by delivering code with speed and safety.

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