Lasting IT-Performance.
Long-term customer satisfaction.

Simple is not our aim. We are neither interested in short-term revenues, nor in cursory solved projects. As Technology Scouts we combine creative developing with utmost sense of responsibility for your future IT challenges: Integrated data analysis, real-time visibility, and operational intelligence!

Profit from our expertise as your trusted advisor – and custom-fit, lasting solutions: fail-proof IT services for operations, security and compliance. That is our secret for long-term customer satisfaction. And this is our motivation - at consulting, professional service, service and support.

Trusted Performance.

Put your IT performance to test. Name a palpable problem you wanted to be solved for the longest time. Look forward to competent solution design, seasoned use cases and the possibility to adapt the results economical efficient.

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Swift Effects.
Perfect Fit.

Less is more. NetDescribe provides you with swift effects that will fit perfectly with your existing IT processes: Quality over quantity. Instead of effusing visions we will optimize step by step. Integrated solutions instead of one-way streets. Scalability rather than limitations. Maximum data transparency instead of blind spots.

We have this down pat because we know what to do, which products and interfaces fit perfectly and how you can control, analyse and visualize your complete data traffic from network to cloud. What is your benefit? Security instead of risks. And lots of relief.

Trusted Performance.

Get to know how to obtain cross-linked information and transparent basis for a decision from isolated data. Let us show you how swift we can realise effects with your perfect fit! We are happy to advise you independently and outcome-oriented.

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Our Best-of-Breed technologies today.
For maximum Security, Visibility and Performance tomorrow.

As Technology Scouts we can offer you the best. What do you get out of regular, off-the-rack software tools that do not fit your needs? Exactly, nothing! What you need is custom-fit, independent chosen technologies

  • that guarantee technological and economic efficiency
  • that safeguard tomorrow’s advantage of your IT and business processes
  • that will be available fast and steady.

We maintain closest partnerships and alliances with world-leading providers and use state-of-the-art technologies. We boost innovations, test them and train our employees at an early stage. We will provide you with a stack of technologies, products and functions that are likely to fit perfect to your data, IT and business processes.

Trusted Performance.

Ask for our Best-of-Breed recommendation for your demand, our approach and technologies available at NetDescribe! We are happy to advise you an individual basis and without any obligation.

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With NetDescribe you can improve your strength.
Your Performance. And our customers performance.

Intricate – learn it from scratch. As we know, to promise “Trusted Performance” and to keep this promise is not easy. Therefore you will receive enough time for your entry at NetDescribe, whether you may join us as graduate, young professional or professional. And on top you will receive a fair salary. We are fully aware that almost nobody will have the requested skills in all areas. We do not rely on your specific IT knowledge, your spirit as enquiring IT mind(m/f/d) with strong communication skills and an intrinsic motivation to discover new competencies is more valuable to us.

Join us and take part in our story. Learn in our videos what our employees report about NetDescribe as employer. Inform yourself regarding our current vacancies and our employee benefits. We are looking forward to speaking to you soon!

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