Optimized processes for a reliable and fail-safe IT infrastructure.

NetDescribe advises and supports companies in building secure and stable IT environments. Together with selected technology partners, we offer future-oriented solutions. Our approach focuses on optimising and automating your processes for fail-safe operation – on premises and in the cloud. This enables you to make agile decisions, ensure internal and external compliance and manage risks efficiently.

Let’s talk about your challenges. Because every company needs a Trusted Advisor.


Typical Challenges

Everyday topics that slow down businesses

Are you looking for expertise or outsourced support to unleash the full potential of your existing tools?

Your IT infrastructure is outdated and needs an update - or has vulnerabilities that urgently need to be fixed?

No matter where the challenges for your IT infrastructure lie, our cooperation always begins with a careful analysis of the current situation. After that, the planning of your individual solution follows in close dialogue.


What you get from working with NetDescribe

  • fail-safe IT services for operations, security & compliance
  • maximum data transparency in real time
  • tailor-made and independently selected technologies
  • future-proof IT security with maximum automation
  • scalable solutions for more flexibility
  • security instead of risks
  • a lot of relief for your IT teams

What keeps our customers busy

New technologies such as cloud engineering demand new security concepts. But the market is difficult to oversee. How can companies find the right solution for their own individual requirements?

Securing network endpoints and protecting sensitive data makes cyber security a major challenge for all businesses.

Data analytics and monitoring in real time are moving into the focus of many companies in the course of the digital transformation. Which tools enable the seamless monitoring of large amounts of data and processes?

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Why NetDescribe?

Each company needs a Trusted Advisor

Less is more. NetDescribe provides you with swift effects that will fit perfectly with your existing IT processes: Quality over quantity. Instead of effusing visions we will optimize step by step. Integrated solutions instead of one-way streets. Scalability rather than limitations. Maximum data transparency instead of blind spots.

We have this down pat because we know what to do, which products and interfaces fit perfectly and how you can control, analyse and visualize your complete data traffic from network to cloud. What is your benefit? Security instead of risks. And lots of relief.


Our partners have solutions that perfectly fit your IT processes.

To achieve this, we cultivate close partnerships and alliances with leading global suppliers, promote innovations and use state-of-the-art technologies. Ideal conditions for a long-term cooperation.

As a partner of selected providers in the areas of IT security, IT visibility and performance, we create the right stack for your requirements:

About our solutions
Host Based Network Segmentation
SaaS Security Management & Posture Solutions
Aqua Security Logo
Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)
Agentless Device Security
Simplify Data Stream, Routing & Collection
Simple - Scalable - Sustainable
Enterprise Cyber Analytics
Cloud Observability & Digital Experience Monitoring
Monitoring of Openshift, Kubernetes & Docker
Next-Generation Endpoint Protection
Operational Intelligence & Security
Automated Network & Service Management
Advanced malware and phishing analysis sandbox
Attack Path Management


Three steps to more IT performance

1. Informational Interview

In a requirements analysis, we put your IT performance to the test. You tell us your challenges and initial demands.

2. Consulting, Service & Support

Our experts work closely with you to develop an individual concept for your new IT infrastructure and also support you during the ongoing operation.

3. The Solution

Your IT is future-proof, transparent and effective. You enjoy - gladly also on a long-term basis - support and advice from NetDescribe as Trusted Advisor.

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Our customers:

Our promise

Trusted Performance by NetDescribe

Security instead of risks

Benefit from fail-safe IT solutions for operations, security and compliance.

Everything from a single source

You receive holistic solutions for a more efficient IT infrastructure. With your personal contacts who advise you individually.

Checking the current state of IT

We put your IT environment through its paces. In this way, we identify possible weak points and find out where there is a need for action.

Fast implementation

Fast adjustments are not only important when it comes to security. Your solution will be implemented quickly so that you can fully focus on your core business. Even during operation.

The right solution

Every company and every industry has its own individual requirements. Together we will find the most technologically and economically sensible solution - also matching existing tools.

High customer satisfaction

We value honesty and trust. That is why our customers enjoy working with us. Our team's many years of expertise and industry background are the guaranty for the best quality and highest satisfaction.


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