The “Munich Summer in the City” really proved its mettle last Thursday. With midsummer temperatures climbing to over 35 degrees by the afternoon, we met in a modern conference hotel near Munich’s main train station.

While the sun is burning outside, the colleagues inside keep a cool mind.
The presentations of the management, marketing and consulting were about interesting reviews and outlooks for the year 2023. And there was also a lot of news: Three new employees and the Security Team, led by Torsten Gesang, CISO at NetDescribe, introduced themselves.

The NetDescribe team has now grown to 30 employees, which is why these meetings with all colleagues on site are simply super important and gladly accepted.


One highlight was the presentation of our “Darling of the Month” award, which is always given to the “most outstanding employee” with a twinkle in the eye 😉 Three colleagues – Sati, Ralf and Stefan – celebrated the award!

In the afternoon, unfortunately, thick thunderclouds were gathering and during dinner on the roof terrace of the Augustiner, it really crashed. We were also not spared hail. Nevertheless, the evening was entertaining. With good conversations and Bavarian delicacies, the “grumpy weather” had no influence on the convivial mood.

It was simply great!