The Challenge

How do you simplify and automate the management of distributed systems within your data center? Which server will need an upgrade within the upcoming quarter? For how long can you maintain your current bandwidth?

Rely on data center automation with NetDescribe and the effective capacity planning capabilities with StableNet® Enterprise.


StableNet® by Infosim® – the Solution from NetDescribe

With its capacity planning functionality you will identify all current consumption of system resources and receive trends and prognosis for upcoming planning of further enhancements. To ensure full functional capabilities of your data center StableNet® Enterprise helps you with planning and automation of your infrastructure.

StableNet® Enterprise von Infosim® provides a unified 4-in-1 network management solution as an Automated Management Plattform.

StableNet® 4-Pillars:

  • Discovery & Inventory
  • Network Configuration & Change
  • Fault Management & Root Cause Analysis
  • Performance & Service

Unified management of four functions in a single product:

  • discovery & Inventory
  • fault
  • performance
  • configuration management

  • ROI within the first 12 months by reducing operating costs and capital expenditures (OPEX/CAPEX) and increasing service availability
  • reduced operational costs and capital expenditures through product consolidation, minimization of existing legacy solutions and reduction of hardware platforms, maintenance, etc.
  • automated service delivery directly from your integrated service catalog
  • configuration & policy governance, maximizing service availability, MTTR reduction

StableNet® powered by Infosim® delivers decentralized end-to-end (E2E) service level management (SLM) through monitoring and reporting from systems, networks and applications. The software collects, analyzes and summarizes network management information from all sources. Reports can be customized for any audience, giving you the advantage of providing your users with relevant data.

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