The Challenge

It is far too complex and not very productive to monitor all applications at the Development and System level. We provide you with a perfect add-on to the Splunk platform to aggregate the logs, perform a protocol management and collect the metrics. Outcold Solution will vastly increase the efficiency of your Dev teams.


Outcold for Splunk – the Solution from NetDescribe

This Splunk-certified App gives you full visibility of your Docker environment. Our solution for Windows and Linux Container is very easy to implement and reduces the complexity of logging and monitoring. Developers can control their environment and admins keep the cluster stable. You have all relevant data in one central location and it will become easy to answer complex questions regarding your container performance.

Use Outcold Solutions to monitor Docker, Kubernetes and Open Shift clusters in Splunk Enterprise or Splunk Cloud. The container-native software-based solution provides capabilities to:

  • discover, transform and forward logs with flexible and powerful tools
  • collect system metrics
  • collect metrics from the control plane of orchestration frameworks
  • forward network activity
  • hiding sensitive information from log lines before forwarding
  • filtering data from log streams

Container Logs

  • built on top of the JSON file logging driver
  • support for multiline log lines
  • flexible source naming for custom field extraction

Host Logs

  • forward host logs, including Docker daemon and syslog
  • preconfigured fields
  • extraction for main cluster components
  • cluster integrity monitoring with prebuilt dashboards


  • collect CPU, memory, network and disk metrics at the host, pod and container level
  • create detailed process metrics directly from the proc-file-system
  • correlate metrics with logs


  • monitor allocatable resources, requests and limits
  • check containers with elevated security features and those running with the root user

Just ten minutes of setup and your monitoring solution is ready to go: including log aggregation, performance and system metrics, control plane metrics, application metrics, dashboard to review network activity and alerts to notify you of cluster or application performance issues.

Application Monitoring

View detailed metrics from containers and processes, including performance metrics, usage metrics and security insights. Forward application-specific metrics exported in Prometheus format. Use pre-built Splunk dashboards for a comprehensive overview.

Log aggregation

Aggregate logs from containers, applications and servers. Use flexible mappings to filter logs enriched with container metadata, correlate logs with metrics and leverage Splunk’s log analysis capabilities. Transform logs before they reach Splunk, remove sensitive information, remove personally identifiable PII data to keep your logs consistent. Reduce licensing and storage costs by choosing which loglines to forward.

Cluster health monitoring

Analyze cluster issues by viewing historical events, monitoring allocations and regulating cluster capacity. Use pre-built alerts to monitor cluster health from the start.

Security and audit

Define access to data by cluster, name, space and even pod or container. Audit network activity in your cluster and external connections. Verify that containers are running with elevated security permissions. Use monitoring logs to monitor changes in deployments.

Reduce complexity and increase productivity

Use a tool to collect and share logs and metrics that developers need to check the performance and health of their applications. Annotations allow developers to define how they want to display data in the log aggregation tool, specify multi line log patterns, remove escape codes for terminals and override types, sources and indexes.

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