The Challenge

As IT-Manager you need information about ALL user activity and ALL associated machine data including ANY security threat to your IT infrastructure. And yes, the amount of data is vastly increasing. A common base to search for relevant information becomes indispensable. A lot of valuable information remains hidden for the IT Ops and security teams. Even worse, each silo in the organization is only looking for their respective parts of the IT infrastructure and monitors according to their tasks.

NetDescribe is going to break these boundaries – extremely efficient.


Splunk – the Solution from NetDescribe

Splunk Enterprise will put you in the driver seat to manage these distributed data. Monitor, analyse and correlate machine data, make them visible to a wide audience within the organization. The technical departments will be provided with details out of the log files. Management will receive dashboards which talk for themselves. This will allow to make decisions to provide the best possible service for the organization and that is what IT is all about – right?! Compliance and GDPR made easy for your daily operation with Splunk.

As Splunk-Elite-Partner, we at NetDescribe have the expertise and the know-how to provide the individual Performance-Solution to your organization.


Splunk Platform
Splunk Enterprise collects and indexes in real time all machine data generated in physical, virtual or cloud environments. This can be data from applications, servers, networks, sensors or telecom devices. The solution correlates complex events, provides meaningful insights into machine data and simplifies analytics.

Splunk for Security
Splunk Enterprise Security improves all security processes and, as an analytics-driven security information and event management (SIEM) solution, gives you the holistic view to securely use generated machine data (e.g., details about networks, endpoints, accesses, vulnerabilities and identity data) to reduce security breaches.

Splunk for IT and Business Services
Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) visualizes health data and key performance indicators (KPIs) of critical IT and business services as a monitoring and analysis solution. Splunk ITSI uses machine-driven (artificial) intelligence, identifies existing and potential problems, prioritizes the rapid recovery of business-critical services and provides analytically driven IT operations.

Collection and indexing of machine data
Real-time event collection, universal indexing, adapter removal, use of metrics data, timestamps for events

Search and verification
Real-time search, transaction search, interactive results

Correlation and analysis
Machine learning-based AI, correlation of complex events, event annotations, pattern recognition

Visualization and reporting
Dashboard creation, automation of reports

Monitoring and alerting
Monitoring of events and KPIs, proactive notifications

Security and administration
Encrypted access to data streams, secure user access

Splunk Enterprise shows the availability of your IT services from a real user perspective. Both, distributing problems of any kind that occur and quickly identifying their root causes.

Splunk Enterprise grows with your requirements and is infinitely scalable. You can solve individual problems as well as holistic, strategic monitoring scenarios, for example for application delivery, IT operations, security compliance & fraud, business analytics, IoT & industrial data.

Our UseCases are only available in German. If you are interested in further information, we are happy to assist you personally. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Cyber Security | KRITIS Requirements Trading Company

Our client is subject to the KRITIS regulation in the food sector and must ensure that the required level of cyber security and IT security is implemented for KRITIS facilities. What is often lacking are data-driven insights for comprehensive visibility and rapid detection of attacks and other threats in their IT landscape. Perimeter firewall monitoring has been identified as one of the most important action points. The Element Manager system for managing the firewalls did not provide sufficient time to store and analyze log events. Read more in our UseCase Cyber Security | KRITIS Requirements Handelsunternehmen.


SIEM | Entertainment and e-commerce with Splunk Enterprise Security

Our customer from the media industry is one of the leading entertainment and e-commerce providers in German-speaking countries. It had reached the limits of its existing SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) platform Logrythm. The long-term security goals could no longer be achieved. Although the volume of machine data is increasing, there is no standardized database for analysis and evaluation. The aim is to centralize, correlate and analyze data across the entire IT network in order to identify security problems and respond in real time. Read more in our UseCase SIEM | Entertainment und E-Commerce mit Splunk Enterprise Security.


Log Analysis | Monitoring of text and output management system

Our client has been providing IT operations for 17,000 users of health insurance companies in Saxony, Thuringia and Bavaria since 2008. The core task is to drive forward the transformation of the health insurance companies with all its might. The range of services extends from innovation and consulting, the organization and implementation of tailor-made solutions, the complete operation of technical systems to support to help health insurance companies achieve their goals. The company’s goal was to clearly track their documents, analyze turnaround and dwell times and install a system to monitor and diagnose their industry-specific IT solution. Read more in our UseCase Log-Analyse | Überwachung Text- und Output-Management-System

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