The Challenge

Security breaches, complex persistent threats, ransomware and common hacks routinely exploit known attack paths on enterprise networks. As a result, the IT security effort is becoming more complex, time-consuming and costly than ever before.

Therefore, it is critical to identify, understand and disrupt attacker access paths before attackers can exploit them. With the right solution, the risk for companies can be efficiently reduced and the security situation significantly improved.


XM Cyber – the Solution from NetDescribe

XM Cyber is a hybrid cloud security solution that transforms the way innovative organizations address cyber risk. The platform continuously uncovers hidden attack paths to all critical resources in cloud and on-premise environments so they can be disrupted at key points with little effort.

View your hybrid cloud network from an attacker’s perspective. With XM Cyber, you always have an eye on where and how cybercriminals might penetrate and spread across your networks and gain access to critical resources. With the appropriate, prioritized countermeasures, you stop attackers around the clock. That’s how you minimize cyber risks.

Keep an eye on all risks at all times – with round-the-clock analysis of your IT environment

  • Get an overview of your security posture and answer the most important question of all: Is my company protected?
  • Focus on neuralgic points and identify which resources are exposed to particular risks.
  • Find out if your security score is rising or falling.
  • Track the effect of your safety investments over time.
  • Provide business decision makers with immediately understandable and measurable risk and ROI numbers.

No Blind Spots
Get a single, comprehensive view of all critical attack paths across your entire hybrid network.

No Guesswork
Use advanced analytics to know which attack paths a real-life attacker would take. Determine precisely how best to disrupt the attack path – with step-by-step, guided remediation.

No Stopping
Benefit from automated, continuous risk reduction that’s safe, scalable and easy to deploy regardless of your dynamic environment.

Proactive Cloud Security with Hybrid Attack Path Management

  • Identify misconfigurations, mismanaged credentials, vulnerabilities, risky user activity and more
  • Map all possible attack paths to uncover cyber risks and focus on critical vulnerabilities
  • Know your real-time risk score based on broad attack scenario coverage
  • Prioritize and remediate the highest impact risks through guided remediation actions

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