The Challenge

Cloud native development brings huge benefits in terms of scalability, agility and speed. These are fundamentally new technologies, processes and architectures. Such cloud-native applications require innovative security solutions and pose a huge challenge for most organizations. Looking at a never-ending list of vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and other risks is discouraging.


Aqua Security – the Solution from NetDescribe

To protect cloud-native applications, security teams need complete visibility to combine multiple data sources on a security platform to gain risk-based insights. Unified controls that continuously validate processes can determine whether access requests are trusted. This allows attacks to be quickly detected and prevented before they happen.
Aqua Security enables Zero Trust architectures by ensuring the security of the entire application lifecycle, from the first line of code to production operations, while also taking into account development tools. The platform supports business process decentralization, enabling a fundamental shift from perimeter defense to a modern security solution. This way, your company can safely benefit from all the advantages of the cloud.

© Aqua Security 2023
© Aqua Security 2023

The fully integrated security and compliance capabilities visualize, prioritize and eliminate risks within minutes across the entire software lifecycle. Automated policies for shift-left prevention and runtime detection and response, reduce your attack surface and mitigate active attacks before damaging losses occur.
With Aqua’s solution, you unleash the full potential of your digital transformation and accelerate your innovation. Always with the assurance that your cloud-native applications are secured from start to finish and at any scale.

The Aqua Security platform leverages the properties of the cloud native stack to make applications more secure than has ever been possible before.
By providing full-lifecycle security controls at a very granular level starting in the development pipeline, Aqua combines preventive and reactive controls to protect applications at runtime. Attacks can be detected and blocked in good time.

This creates compliance through visibility and audits:

  • Using “Shift left” security, enabling DevSecOps to accelerate application delivery through automation, detect vulnerabilities and security configuration issues early and fix them fast
  • Protect workloads in runtime, using a zero-trust whitelisting approach and enforcing workload immutability that makes it easy to detect and block attacks
  • Limit the impact of breaches with container-level firewalling
  • Secure their applications once and deploy them anywhere with no need to reconfigure security policies and controls
  • Meet regulatory compliance requirements such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA and NIST

Cross-functional teams such as DevOps, Kubernetes administrators, site reliability engineers (SRE) and security engineers share the Aqua platform and can eliminate single solutions. This provides the transparency and communication required for a zero-trust architecture. Access permissions are limited, identities are continuously verified, and policies are enforced over the lifecycle of native applications.

The Aqua Security platform moves organizations away from implicit trust models of security by providing:

  • software bill of materials (SBOM) validation
  • DevOps and CI/CD pipeline integrity 
  • vulnerability assessment
  • cloud security posture management
  • Kubernetes assurance and security
  • application of least privilege and role-based access controls
  • logical micro-segmentation and 
  • runtime policies including drift prevention to stop untrusted activity

Aqua’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) protects your entire stack from code to runtime, in any cloud, across VMs, containers and serverless functions.

  • software supply chain security
  • vulnerability and risk scanning
  • cloud security posture management (CSPM)
  • cloud workload protection platform (CWPP)
  • cloud native detection and response (CNDR)
  • source code scanning
  • IaC scanning
  • unified risk visibility
  • cloud workload scanning
  • image scanning
  • compliance reporting
  • Kubernetes security posture management (KSPM)
  • assurance policies
  • dynamic threat analysis
  • virtual machine (VM) security
  • software supply chain security
  • runtime controls
  • serverless security
  • role-based authentication control (RBAC)
  • secrets management

The Aqua Security platform is the most integrated cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP) for defending against attacks on your cloud-native applications.
With Aqua’s solution, DevOps and security teams can prioritize risks across the lifecycle and automate prevention in minutes. True cloud-native attacks are stopped immediately without killing workloads.

Day one security and real-time protection

  • Prioritize risks in minutes
    Get a view of the greatest risks to your cloud native applications in minutes with a searchable inventory and context-based insights across the application development lifecycle.
  • Automate “shift-left” prevention
    Reduce the attack surface with automated pre-production acceptance gates that prevent malicious source code, non-compliant images, iac (infrastructure-as-a-code)  templates, and misconfigured Kubernetes workloads from entering production.
  • Immediate stop of attacks
    Deploy behavioral indicators based on real-world cloud native attacks to stop attacks in progress. Runtime policies provide real-time protection for containers, VMs and serverless workloads while detecting and stopping malicious activity in the process.
  • Integration with existing tools
    Integrate your existing environment with virtually any CI/CD, security information and event management, monitoring and collaboration tool.

Because Aqua Security is a certified technology partner with all major cloud providers, it integrates seamlessly with your cloud setup and toolchain.

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