The Challenge

IT landscapes are becoming increasingly heterogeneous and dynamic – workloads are growing exponentially. Good visibility is thus becoming the decisive criterion for success. After all, how can business-critical data be protected if you don’t even know where it is located?


Akamai Guardicore Segmentation – the Solution from NetDescribe

Akamai is the market leader in data center and hybrid cloud security.
The Akamai Guardicore Segmentation platform is a software-based network segmentation solution. It provides comprehensive process-level transparency, behavior-based policies, and real-time breach detection to protect your organization’s most critical assets. In return, you get a cost-effective, fast way to ensure permanent and consistent security – no matter what the application, no matter what the IT environment.

Akamai Guardicore segmentation is disrupting the legacy firewall market. Our software-only approach is decoupled from the physical network, providing a faster, more cost-effective alternative to firewalls. Built for the agile enterprise, you get greater security and visibility in the cloud, data-center and endpoint.

Akamai Guardicore Segmentation offers the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible solution for host-based network segmentation with the following key features:

Wide coverage
Microsegementation policies apply anywhere your applications run, spanning public, private or hybrid cloud environments.

Deep Visibility
Guardicore’s solution for application discovery and mapping of dependencies allows you to understand the full context before defining microsegmentation security policies.

Intuitive workflow
Guardicore Centra provides a simple workflow. From mapping application dependencies to suggesting and setting rules. This way, you learn to understand correlations so that you can then apply them optimally to data traffic.

Granular policies
Now you can set and enforce rules at the process level. So you precisely control flows between application components, resulting in the strongest security posture.

High flexibility at low cost
Akamai’s solution is less expensive, more effective and more adaptable than traditional firewalls.

Microsegmentation provides a detailed view of network traffic. This gives administrators better control over data.
In addition, microsegmentation can identify data traffic that requires preferential treatment or management. This could be data that needs special protection to comply with regulations or standards.

Finally, microsegmentation is a core component of sophisticated security concepts, such as zero-trust networking. This is used to verify a user’s identity before they can access a device on the network.

Breaking down data center and cloud environments into separate logical parts, enables critical data, processes and systems to be protected against attacks. It is about enforcing the highest security policies, monitoring data flows between data centers and isolating data access.

Microsegmentation is the best practice solution for your IT security. Security controls are applied at the workload and process level to data center and cloud assets.

Zero Trust as a security architecture and technologies such as SASE will become the new standard in the future. Conventional VPN connections will be replaced, firewalls and virus scanners will no longer be state of the art. With Akamai’s solutions, we can offer you consistent 24/7 monitoring of the IT landscape and fast-response detection and response solutions.

Akamai WAAP – Web Application and API Protection
In a networked world, web applications and APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are business-critical technologies. This makes them prime targets for cyberattacks. Effective protection against ever-changing threats requires the management of web applications and API protection with powerful functions and automated solutions.
Your benefit: Increase security while minimizing administrative tasks.

Akamai EdgeDNS (Domain Name System) – Prevent DNS outages with the largest edge platform
Secure and reliable access to web applications and APIs is essential for customers, employees, partners and all users – anywhere, on any device. Akamai EdgeDNS is a cloud-based DNS solution that offers protection against even the largest DDoS attacks with maximum availability.
Your benefit: High quality online experiences for your website visitors and application users.

Akamai EAA (Enterprise Application Access) – fast and secure access with Zero Trust Network Access
With Akamai EAA you can scale remote access. Slow, impractical VPNs are a thing of the past. Simplify your work with a service provided in the cloud without maintaining virtual or physical devices.
Your benefit: Reduced costs, complexity and risks.

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Akamai Guardicore – Network segmentation in the retail sector

Cyber attacks on retail companies have increased significantly in the last 12 months. Attackers usually focus on business-critical IT assets, which bring the entire operation to a standstill in the event of a failure. If the intruders are successful, the next step is to demand ransom payments. This is known as a ransomware attack. Our customers were already struggling with security incidents and were looking for a solution to reduce attack surfaces and protect critical resources from ransomware. They wanted a simple, fast and scalable solution that would complement their existing IT infrastructure without requiring costly security hardware. Read more in our UseCase Netzwerksegmentierung im Textilhandel.


Akamai Guardicore – Network segmentation for distributed locations

The number of successful cyber attacks on German companies is growing. Attackers are no longer limiting themselves to local resources, but are expanding their attacks to the entire IT landscape. The increasing networking between devices, tools and users plays into their hands. Many companies lack the necessary security practices to consistently protect their system environments and data across multiple data centers and clouds. This situation raises the question for many companies as to whether cyber insurance, as offered by many large insurance groups, is sufficient to minimize the risk of an attack. And how can the insurers’ requirements for taking out cyber insurance be met? Read more in our UseCase Netzwerksegmentierung für verteilte Standorte.

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