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Erhalten Sie sicherheitsrelevante Informationen zu Nutzeraktivitäten, Maschinenverhalten und Sicherheitsgefährdungen Ihrer IT-Infrastruktur. Splunk ist eine der bekanntesten Lösungen für Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

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All in one: The SentinelOne Endpoint Protection Platform combines prevention, detection and immediate response (incident response) in a single, specially developed agent. The tool focuses on machine learning and automation.

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VMRay is the solution for automated advanced threat detection and analysis. Minimize the risks and costs of zero-day, malware and phishing attacks. VMRay can be used OnPrem or from the cloud.

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Aqua Security

Aqua Security enables Zero Trust architectures by ensuring the security of the entire application lifecycle, from the first line of code to production operations, while also taking into account development tools.

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The solution Reveal(x) Network Detection & Response from ExtraHop provides complete visibility from the data center to the cloud. Real-time threat detection through machine learning and automated analytics.

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XM Cyber

XM Cyber's hybrid cloud security solutions put you in the attackers' perspective and reveal vulnerabilities of your hybrid network even before they become a problem. That's how you minimize cyber risks.

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