The Challenge

Networks are more diverse than ever. They’re more complex. Yet the success of your application or service is more dependent on them. And, of course, customers are less tolerant than ever of crummy experiences.

When you’re on the hook for the network that powers your critical services, you need to answer some key questions. Like, “Is it the network?” Or, “Why are our data costs so high?” Or, “When will we be at capacity?” Or, “Are we being attacked?” You need good answers. Full answers. With context. As quickly as possible.


Kentik – the Solution from NetDescribe

The Kentik Network Intelligence Platform eliminates visibility and information gaps. Kentik enables experts to be preventive and agile in complex hybrid cloud environments, where disruptions are inherently more difficult to predict and resolve. For reliable networks and a great digital experience!

The Kentik Network Observability Cloud empowers network pros to plan, run and fix any network.
With the right platform for proactive monitoring of hybrid and multi-cloud networks, details on exactly where the traffic was impacted can be identified. This, in turn, allows members of the NetOps team to take corrective measures.

See your network and traffic, plan capacity, explore telemetry, get unprompted insights, and kick off workflows.

See your network edge, manage transit and interconnections, find peers, engineer traffic, and optimize cost.

Manage networks and application experience. Auto-configure based on your traffic, test continuously and only investigate real issues.

See all clouds and hybrid clouds, plan migrations, validate security, improve performance and optimize cloud cost.

Detect and mitigate DDoS attacks, catch botnets, analyse threats and stop route leaks and BGP hijacking.

Analyze subscriber trends, track digital supply chains, find new revenue opportunities and manage cost.

Kentik Kube is an industry-wide solution that provides visibility into the network of Kubernetes workloads and shows the routes of traffic between enterprise containers through data centers, public clouds and the Internet.

Revolutionize your Kubernetes Network Observability!

Organizations today are navigating a complex landscape using multiple types of Kubernetes, including AWS EKS, Google Cloud GKE, Microsoft Azure AKS and countless other private and public cloud orchestration solutions. While this diversity gives teams more autonomy, it also leads to considerable complexity.

Kentik Kube ensures Kubernetes performance by enabling teams to quickly identify services and pods experiencing network anomalies and delays, allowing them to troubleshoot issues more efficiently. With the ability to configure alert policies, teams can proactively address high latency on nodes, pods, workloads or services. All traffic data in Kentik, including the K8s traffic analysis in Kentik Kube, is automatically enriched with key business and security metadata that puts the telemetry into context.

Kentik Kube doesn’t just look at individual applications, it looks at the bigger picture of how applications and shared services affect each other and how communication across infrastructure boundaries impacts cost and performance.

Far too often, traffic within Kubernetes is a “black box”. Kentik Kube’s comprehensive network visibility enables teams to bring light into the darkness. Find out more in the Solution Brief.

Only Kentik Gives You the Answers You Need. Here’s Why.

See all Networks
See network data from the data center, edge, cloud and internet. Wherever your traffic goes, we’ll suss it out.

Collect All Telemetry
Gather network, cloud, host, and container flow, internet routing, performance tests and network metrics.

Query with Context
Enrich network data with information about infrastructure, apps, users, customers, geo, policies, routing and more.

Get Insights
Get AI-driven insights. Seeing degrading performance, possible attacks or traffic changes early, can really save you.

Ask Anything
Ask any question, any which-a-way. Query, filter, drill, zoom, whatever. We’ll get you the answer, wicked fast.

Take Action
Make Kentik your go-to before you take action, whether to plan, run or fix your network.


Our UseCases are only available in German. If you are interested in further information, we are happy to assist you personally. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Traffic Analysis and Anti DDoS for Service Providers

Our use case is about a regional telecommunications service provider in northern Germany that offers a complete multimedia package including telephony, high-speed Internet and cable TV. The company’s goal was to procure a SaaS solution for the technical analysis of IP traffic by using recorded metadata through NetFlow v9 and IPFIX. In addition, the software should have the ability to detect and automatically combat current DDoS attacks by using BGP Blackholing and BGP FlowSpec. Read more in our UseCase Traffic-Analyse und Anti DDoS für Service Provider.


Network Observability for Cloud- and Internet-Centric Enterprise Backbones

Whereas networks were usually oriented towards connecting their own data centers and locations via private infrastructure, today’s corporate networks need to focus more on cloud/hyperscaler and Internet connections. This transformation requires new technologies and architectures as well as operating concepts and services. On the other hand, existing traditional network infrastructures must also continue to be supported. So how can a modern enterprise backbone be operated effectively and reliably? Read more in our UseCase Network Observability für Cloud- und Internet-Centric Enterprise Backbones

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