On 31.07.2020 inside business, a new cross-media publication, was published. The first issue on the subject of “German upper middle-class enterprises” was a supplement in “DIE WELT” (total circulation 600,000). In terms of content, everything is about “Lessons learned from Corona” with a focus on digitization. In an interview, Elmar Prem, member of the board at NetDescribe, gives answers to important questions about IT in medium-sized companies. Among other things, he discusses the constantly growing data volume, real-time insights into IT performance, security and the merging of information from the SOC (Security Operation Center) and NOC (Network Operation Center) services.

The cover story of the publication is an interview with Mario Ohoven (President BVMW) and Deutsche Telekom CEO Hagen Rickmann.
Unfortunately the paper is only available in German. Therefore you will find right here below the introduction of NetDescribe and the interview with Elmar in English.

About NetDescribe: A single supervisor for  all IT cases

Many companies wish more transparency, control and automation for their IT. NetDescribe delivers solutions. Trusted Performance. 

In today’s world, the efficiency of a highly differentiated corporate IT is indispensable. In simple terms, NetDescribe is concerned with bringing transparency, visibility and performance into the customer’s IT landscape and thus creating order in the flood of data. Therefore the experts pursue the goal of providing individual IT managers, but also the organization as a whole, with a reliable statement on their infrastructure, services and processes.
All technologies used by NetDescribe have individual focuses and are among the leaders in their sectors. The integrated solution concept offers data analysis and visualization, monitoring and security. NetDescribe supports customers with development, implementation and support, including Managed Services. As a Trusted Advisor, NetDescribe implements highly scalable solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for large companies and public institutions, but increasingly also for medium-sized businesses. “This gives customers deeper insight into the areas of security, cloud, IoT and Industry 4.0 at any time, enabling them to react to future challenges in an agile manner and ultimately save costs,” adds Gregory Blepp, CEO of NetDescribe.
Network management is an important part of the NetDescribe DNA. Analyzing an organization’s network is very complex, and hybrid environments make it even more complicated.
With the launch of ‘NetV as a Service’, NetDescribe offers companies unprecedented visibility of their network.

The interview with Elmar Prem, member of the board

1. In times of cloud-based tools, remote working and rapidly growing data volumes, IT experts face difficult challenges. How can NetDescribe identify vulnerabilities and take action quickly?

Elmar Prem: Customers need real-time insight into the performance of their IT. Specifically, we are talking about the status of networks, applications, devices and security.
By establishing a consistent performance analysis, we can show how closely the individual departments are interlinked, uncover weaknesses and identify optimization potential.

2. Why are highly qualified SOC (Security Operation Center) teams often not sufficient to continuously monitor and improve the security situation of a company?

Elmar Prem: Cyber threats are an important aspect, in addition to compliance requirements, lack of personnel and low budgets.
In order to optimize productivity and efficiency, companies must push ahead with the modernization of the SOC. Better visibility facilitates analysis while providing critical information about current infrastructure state.

3. Why is transparency the magic word in IT departments?

Elmar Prem: The merging and processing of information from the SOC (Security Operation Center) and NOC (Network Operation Center) services leads to impressive transparency in the communication processes and relationships of networks. This results in a considerably extended analysis possibility of threat scenarios, combined with the possibility to establish a company-wide optimization.

4. NetDescribe is known as a Trusted Advisor to large enterprises and public institutions. What special conditions do you face when working with medium-sized companies?

Elmar Prem: The requirements for the IT departments of medium-sized companies are basically the same as those of large enterprises. The special challenge is to manage the tasks with less personnel and budget. Our solution stack and the high level of automation scales in all directions. Especially our solutions from Cubro and SentinelOne are very interesting in this environment. Thus, especially medium-sized companies profit most from our services.

– END – 

As an e-paper, the entire supplement is available for download in German here: Deutscher Mittelstand / Beilage DIE WELT

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About NetDescribe GmbH

NetDescribe GmbH is headquartered in Oberhaching in the south of Munich. Trusted Performance by NetDescribe stands for fail-safe business processes and cloud applications. The power of NetDescribe is tailor-made technology stacks instead of off-the-shelf technology. The holistic portfolio offers data analysis, solution concepts, development, implementation and support. As a trusted advisor to corporations and public institutions, NetDescribe delivers highly scalable solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for real-time dynamic and transparent monitoring. This provides customers with insights into security, cloud, IoT and industry 4.0 at all times. They can make agile decisions, secure internal and external compliance and conduct efficient risk management.

Trusted Performance by NetDescribe.