“Expected are effectiveness, creativity, very good physical and coordination skills, a high will to take risks and a good self-assessment.” What reads like the job description for a stuntman in the next Hollywood blockbuster pretty well describes the skills of a “Traceur.”

You don’t know what it is? Never mind. We didn’t know it either.
We’re talking about our technical consultant Ilker Duman and his hobby, “Parkour”. A sport that deals with efficient movement from A to B and includes basic elements such as running, balancing, spinning, jumping and landing, shimmying and climbing.
Definitely not for the untrained!










The goal of the parkour runner (French: le traceur) is to move through natural or urban space in a very individual way. Off the beaten track, he/she tries to overcome obstacles as efficiently as possible. Flow and control of movement are always in the foreground, which is why “Parkour” is called the “art of efficient movement”.

Competition is deliberately left out of Parkour. It is all about “seeing” the environment, where movement is experienced in a completely new way.

In Ilker’s day-to-day work, effectiveness and creativity are coveted qualities. As an expert in SentinelOne’s enterprise-wide Splunk solutions and end-to-end security, he is valued by customers as a skilled consultant who is always willing to think outside the box.
The StableNet app for Splunk developed by NetDescribe can also be ascribed to Ilker’s analytical and creative skills.

It all started quite differently. After training as a salesman, Ilker decided to pass his Abitur at the BOS. The next step was to study mathematics at the LMU in Munich. With the switch to IT, the awareness grew that he had finally found the right fit.
Fortunately, he still sees it that way.

As a balance to the hard Parkour training he loves video games. But when it’s time to really relax, Ilker packs his bags and travels as often as he can. His favorite destination is Asia.

As you can see on the many great photos, there are excellent training opportunities for many challenging Parkour runs.











Video – Ilker at Parkour Training



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