Our specialists are real sparring partners for the client teams. The objective of the cooperation is always to lead the individual project to a recognizable success. Due to the current global situation we have adapted the setup and offer the highest possible level of remote support.

Individuality counts.
Our project managers and consultants are involved at a very early stage in conception, architecture and goal definition. With individualized workshops, we develop and discuss the concepts from the beginning of the project until the final success control. The most important word here is ‘individuality’. At NetDescribe there is no out-of-the-box consulting.

Every customer situation is new, the history and circumstances are unique, even though planning and objectives may often be the same. Added to this is the natural dynamic of a project, i.e. parameters change and/or shift, extensions are desired.

Clear competencies.
NetDescribe teams are individually assembled for each project.
A senior or lead consultant is the motor of customer communication. He carries the main responsibility. In most cases, this is a NetDescribe employee who has worked for the customer in the past and has proven his or her competence. The advantages are obvious: “one” knows each other and has already built up trust. The customer’s individual situation is known and correctly assessed from the outset.

The lead consultant involves other colleagues with the appropriate know-how for all topics that are not his area of expertise. He personally remains the centrally responsible contact person for the customer. This clear assignment of competencies maximizes efficiency and productivity as well as the absolutely necessary safeguarding of knowledge.

Because we know what we are doing.
The technical skills and expertise of the NetDescribe Consulting team include “bottom-up” network management and analysis, security operations and support. We understand how NOC and SOC work. Hardware, applications, transport protocols, databases, operating platforms, etc. We know what we do.

Our experts always pursue the goal of providing the individual IT manager, but also the organization as a whole, with a reliable analysis of its infrastructure, services and processes. This is the starting point for our consulting services. Without the need to replace or ignore the existing workflow. We call this Trusted Performance.

Put your IT performance to the test now. Tell us a concrete requirement for which you have always been looking for a solution. You can expect competent advice, proven use cases and economic adaptation options.

Our sales team is looking forward to your inquiry via email sales@netdescribe.com or by phone 089-215 4868-0

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About NetDescribe GmbH

NetDescribe GmbH is headquartered in Oberhaching in the south of Munich. Trusted Performance by NetDescribe stands for fail-safe business processes and cloud applications. The power of NetDescribe is tailor-made technology stacks instead of off-the-shelf technology. The holistic portfolio offers data analysis, solution concepts, development, implementation and support. As a trusted advisor to corporations and public institutions, NetDescribe delivers highly scalable solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for real-time dynamic and transparent monitoring. This provides customers with insights into security, cloud, IoT and industry 4.0 at all times. They can make agile decisions, secure internal and external compliance and conduct efficient risk management.

Trusted Performance by NetDescribe.