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As IT-Manager you need information about ALL user activity and ALL associated machine data including ANY security threat to your IT infrastructure. And yes, the amount of data is vastly increasing. A common base to search for relevant information becomes indispensable. A lot of valuable information remains hidden for the IT Ops and security teams. Even worse, each silo in the organization is only looking for their respective parts of the IT infrastructure and monitors according to their tasks.

NetDescribe is going to break these boundaries - extremely efficient.

Splunk – the Performance Solution from NetDescribe

Splunk Enterprise will put you in the driver seat to manage these distributed data. Monitor, analyse and correlate machine data, make them visible to a wide audience within the organization. The technical departments will be provided with details out of the log files. Management will receive dashboards which talk for themselves. This will allow to make decisions to provide the best possible service for the organization and that is what IT is all about - right?! Compliance and GDPR made easy for your daily operation with Splunk.

As Splunk-Elite-Partner we at NetDescribe have the expertise and the know-how to provide the individual Performance-Solution to your organization. CERTIFICATE of PARTNERSHIP

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