The Challenge

Analytics of the network of an organization is very complex but definitely not popular these days. Hybrid environments make it even more complicated. In addition, your network analysis is only meaningful if it is evaluated together with the data from your applications and servers.

We know that and searched for years for a technology that provides us with a smart way out. The industry provided non-matching platforms, never intended to work together. Finally we have found a technology that allows us to visualize the network, to show who is connected and who is communicating. All this in combination with a data platform like i. e. Splunk, can be described as the following result: We do not look for the needle in the haystack. We plug a strong magnet and let the needle come to us.

We are now in the position to provide network and security teams with the best possible data - detailed and correlated. In fact, we are about to change the game by offering a “never seen before” visibility.

VIAVI Gigaflow and Gigastor/Apex – the solutions of NetDescribe

With the Gigaflow solution and Apex/Observer, VIAVI has become the clear technology leader. Across the whole network, brought about by intelligent packet capture and extended conversation session records. Gigaflow utilises Flow, Syslog, SNMP, NBAR, IPFIX along with interrogation of the existing infrastructure devices, via API. The input of contextual information about a conversation given by a load balancer, firewall, proxy server and many more network devices. This gives highly enriched data to both Network tools and Security teams. Gigastor then provides the “evidence” via intelligent packet capture. Since 6 years VIAVI is highly recognized in the Gartner Magic Quadrant** for NMPD (Netzwerk Monitoring Performance & Diagnostics) and leads since 2018. NetDescribe supports organizations during the implementation phase of VIAVI technologies to assure top performance of your teams.

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**Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics, Jonah Kowall, Vivek Bhalla, Colin Fletcher, 11 February 2019

Product description

VIAVI Gigaflow solution is a software, created by the former NetFlow Tracker team based in Dublin and has newly defined of what is possible with a flow by enriching standard protocols with session logs from all the environment. For packet validation VIAVI provides the unparalleled

Apex/Observer solution to gather details. The solution is highly scalable and independent analysts (Tolly Test Report***) confirm best performance.

  • Gigaflow Software for highly scalable flow collection
  • All flows - All the time storage principle
  • Observer Platform with 1/10/40 and 100 Gbit Ports
  • Up to 40 Gbit/s Full – Line - Rate recording
  • Apex Software platform with patent pending „Score“

***Tolly is a leading global provider of third-party validation services for vendors of IT products, components and services.

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