SentinelOne Ranger

The security provider SentinelOne has launched a product that specifically protects IoT networks from potential attacks: RANGER and CWPP

SentinelOne RANGER turns every protected endpoint into a network of sensors, capable of identifying and defending against any IoT and connected device threat without human intervention.

Using AI to monitor and control access to every IoT device, SentinelOne allows machines to solve a problem that has been previously impossible to address at scale. This technology enables complete environment visibility by fingerprinting and profiling devices that it discovers. SentinelOne’s Ranger is the industry’s first solution that allows machines to autonomously protect and notify security teams of vulnerabilities, rogue devices, and anomalous behaviour.

Key benefits:

  • automatically generate and maintain live device asset inventory
  • ensure every device joining your network is protected with a few clicks
  • fingerprint operating systems and device configurations
  • no additional agents to install
  • no physical network appliance or redirecting traffic
  • no manual traffic capture or upload of logs for processing


Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP)

The solution is the first to offer fully featured autonomous Runtime Protection, Detection, and Response for cloud workloads. Purpose built for containers, SentinelOne’s CWPP offering provides the richest set of capabilities on the market, including advanced runtime protection, full remote shell to any pod, container kill, and full remediation to empower security and DevOps teams – all seamlessly within SentinelOne’s Singularity platform.

With this release, SentinelOne extends its XDR platform to introduce full visibility, detection, response and threat hunting for containerized workloads using the same console which is used for endpoints and IoT devices. Deployed seamlessly through popular DevOps tools such as Helm, the solution delivers SentinelOne’s patented Behavioral AI, Static AI, and autonomous response capabilities across all major Linux platforms, physical and virtual, cloud-native workloads, and containers – providing prevention, detection, response, and threat hunting for tomorrow’s cyber threats.

Key benefits:

  • fully-featured prevention, detection & response
  • remote shell to pods & containers
  • only vendor to extract complete container attributes for granular awareness and rapid response

Further information about SentinelOne can be found right HERE.

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