With increasingly complex cyber threats, it is becoming more and more difficult for corporate security professionals to stay ahead of the curve and detect unknown or hidden attackers early on. Even skilled security teams often struggle with a significant backlog of security incidents. Companies that continue to rely only on preventive security solutions such as anti-virus software or firewalls are most at risk.

This makes it even more important for IT teams to move through the process from threat detection to investigation to response faster than before. ExtraHop Reveal(x) provides comprehensive insights and rapid response workflows to ensure availability even with hybrid infrastructure.

ExtraHop Reveal(x) is one of the industry’s leading Network Detection & Response solutions, delivering complete visibility, real-time threat detection and intelligent defenses.

Reveal(x) provides innovative behavior-based analysis of all network traffic, unlimited scalability, high speed and maximum visibility that enables security teams to efficiently respond to cyberattacks.

ExtraHop’s Network Detection & Response technology gives you visibility into increasingly complex, hybrid network architectures, applications and the cloud.

Complete visibility – see all relevant details at a glance in one intuitive platform

  • Automatic discovery and classification of all resources in your organization, including all cloud workloads (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) in real time
  • Automatic discovery of new suspicious and unmanaged devices on the network providing an overview of all active resources
  • Discovery and identification of all connections, devices, users and dependencies in the IT infrastructure and classification by importance
  • Unlimited scaling

Real-time threat and anomaly detection to protect your mission-critical systems

  • Analysis of all network traffic in by Machine Learning
  • Advanced attacks are comprehensively detected thanks to ML-based behavioral analysis, rules and user-defined mechanisms
  • Optimized analysis of user behavior for potentially threatening anomalies
  • Analysis to monitor and troubleshoot application and network operations
  • Improved visibility and much faster detection and mitigation of security threats
  • Unified threat detection and mitigation for cloud and data center
  • Real-time SSL/TLS decryption to expose attackers hiding in your own encrypted traffic

Intelligent defense without wasting time

  • Robust contextual information and intelligent defenses help quickly validate, prioritize, and determine root cause of threats
  • Automate responses using familiar orchestration and ticketing platforms
  • Advanced, accelerated and automated response to detected threats through additional analysis tools and integration with proven security tools


Business Benefits of ExtraHop Reveal(x)
Companies that already have ExtraHop Reveal(x) in use benefit from many advantages:


Faster threat detection and prevention
ExtraHop Reveal(x) reduces threat detection time by 50% and defense time by 84%.

More efficient response to unplanned network downtime
After implementing Reveal(x), unplanned network downtime is reduced by 90%.

Faster application troubleshooting
Reveal(x) reduces the time spent troubleshooting application failures by 99.6%

Decreasing costs
Significant cost savings due to replacement and reduction of older security solutions

Increased revenue and productivity thanks to more usable time
Reveal(x) keeps your network and applications up and running longer. This free time enables security teams to focus on other activities, increases their productivity, and leads to more revenue.

Leading organizations from around the world can use ExtraHop to scan attacks faster, ensure availability of critical applications, protect their cloud investments, detect threats up to 95% faster, and respond up to 60% more effectively.

With Reveal(x) 360, ExtraHop now offers a SaaS-based solution for NDR in the cloud.

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