HCL DRYiCE Live Webinar April 2020 - Transforming organizations with data and business flow monitoring

NetDescribe invites you to a HCL DRYiCE live webinar ‘TRANSFORMING ORGANIZATIONS WITH DATA AND BUSINESS FLOW MONITORING’ on Wednesday, April 29, 2020 at 6:00 PM (4:00 PM GMT). You have the possibility to register right here.

The Digital Enterprise has exposed weaknesses in traditional business processes, automated or not. Companies need to respond quickly and effectively to issues as they occur, including recognizing when an actual fire may start and how to prevent one.

Disjointed monitoring of the business processes results in localized intelligence, which does not yield a holistic view of the as-is state to decision makers. To ensure business outcomes are met, organizations need to move from point monitoring to a single end-to-end correlated and managed operation.

Data generated from this end-to-end monitoring needs to be fed into predictive analytics models that can help organizations understand the impact within the process (up or down stream), who or what is affected now, what is likely to fail, what is the criticality, and when is the deadline for required corrective actions.

DRYiCE is co-hosting a webinar with AI Business.
Hear Jose Murillo, Chief Analytics Officer at Banorte, Mexico’s second largest financial group, discuss how to create a data-literate, AI-ready business.
Also, hear from Ian Philips, VP DRYiCE Software on establishing a comprehensive understanding of the process flow that can provide invaluable analytics for actionable intelligence to predict, prevent, and correct potential issues.

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HCL DRYiCE Live Webinar April 2020 - Key Takeaways

HCL DRYiCE Live Webinar April 2020 - Speakers

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