One week ago today, our Jubilee Event “Auf geht’s” came to an end. Three days of excellent presentations from our Anniversary Partners, inspiring conversations and tasty Bavarian-Austrian culinary delights.

On Monday, 20.09.2021, exactly 15 years to the day after the official foundation of NetDescribe, we started at the “Stemmerhof”. The most beautiful village square in Munich offered with the old barn and the adjacent beer garden the perfect setting for our live event.

We were all very excited. Will the registered guests come? Will the 3G rule work? Will the weather cooperate? All these questions, which have no meaning in times of video conferencing, were suddenly there again. And they could all be answered with YES.

Our guests came and were looking forward to a personal get-together. And so it became a wonderful event with mostly fantastic weather and even a little bit of Oktoberfest atmosphere.

A huge thank you to all customers, partners and friends who made their way to celebrate with us. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. It was great!

We are planning the next anniversary party for 2026!


Want to review our anniversary partners? Please click our JUBILEE PAGE which is still online.







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NetDescribe GmbH is headquartered in Oberhaching in the south of Munich. Trusted Performance by NetDescribe stands for fail-safe business processes and cloud applications. The power of NetDescribe is tailor-made technology stacks instead of off-the-shelf technology. The holistic portfolio offers data analysis, solution concepts, development, implementation and support. As a trusted advisor to corporations and public institutions, NetDescribe delivers highly scalable solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for real-time dynamic and transparent monitoring. This provides customers with insights into security, cloud, IoT and industry 4.0 at all times. They can make agile decisions, secure internal and external compliance and conduct efficient risk management.

Trusted Performance by NetDescribe.