Animal co-observers at the Wendelstein Observatory

Our Senior Project Manager Till has been part of the NetDescribe universe for three years now. As a trained astrophysicist, he initially found happiness in research. His topic was nothing less than “measuring the distance to galaxies”. For those who find this too imprecise, we are happy to provide concrete information. For example, one object of his scientific curiosity was 6 million light-years away, so not exactly “around the corner”.

Calar Alto Observatory, Spain

It gets exciting when Till tells about his observing trips and shows fantastic pictures, e.g. of the snow-covered Calar Alto facility in Spain or of the nearby Wendelstein Observatory, which looks as if it were on a distant planet. However, fellow animal observers, captured on photos, provide clear evidence that you probably do have both feet on the ground.

The experience of coming out of the telescope dome after a long night of observing and seeing the early morning awaken in remote locations is what Till misses most.

Wendelstein Observatory

That’s why astronomy will probably remain one of his favorite hobbies forever. His role model, by the way, is Brian May – gifted guitarist of the rock band QUEEN. He returned to college at the age of 60+ and completed his dissertation. You just need the right goals!


Currently, however, Till feels very comfortable at NetDescribe and enjoys professional challenges as Senior Project Manager for large clients. They appreciate his analytical brain and his peace of mind even when things get busy.

But Till has other hobbies besides stargazing. One of them is sports.
As a child and teenager, fencing was the thing to do. Then over 30 years of volleyball as a competitive sport. Along the way, he did a bit of skiing, softball in a barbecue team and mountain hiking. He still enjoys the latter today.

And then there are the long walks with the “big Zampano”, also called “Zappi”. The family horse loves Till more than anything, because he always provides plenty of carrots.

As the proud father of three boys, Till has experienced his time as a dad very intensively and, as a true family man, has enjoyed it very much. However, the three have now flown and Till’s plans for the future are not written in the stars, but are very real. Because his motto today is: “When the kids are out of the house and the dog is dead, then real life begins!”

Maybe there will be another chance to get a doctorate in astrophysics.





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