What a luck that there is enough space on the parking lot behind the NetDescribe building. Pavilion, tables, benches and the most important accessory, the grill, had to be put in party-position, because this year’s summer season wanted to be celebrated.
With distance, thanks to Corona standards ????, and bright sunshine, thanks to midsummer ????, we started in the afternoon.

The complete team had arrived. Well, almost, because two people were on holiday. The 10 “newcomers” at NetDescribe, colleagues who joined NetDescribe during the first half of the year, finally got to know those who do not, or rarely, work in the office in Oberhaching.

“O’zapft” (dialect for tapping a keg of beer) was announced at 4:00 p.m. Gregory Blepp, our CEO, had to prove his talent as a ‘Wiesnwirt’. It took him 5 strokes until the first glass was filled. Not so bad.

After the first beer there was a little challenge. Five teams competed for fame and glory. The tasks were difficult. Ring toss, clearing cans, for most NetDescribe experts a real children’s birthday. But then it got ambitious. During the race through an obstacle course with a remote controlled Aston Martin (by the way a gift from our partner SentinelOne), the competitors fought hard. The winner was – very close ahead of Team 3 – Team 5! Congratulations!

Sandra, our office manager, who has been on the team since January, turned out to be a top chef for salads and ‘Obatzdn’ (Bavarian cheese delicacy). Mega tasty! Many thanks for that.

Well, food and drinks were provided and so the afternoon and early evening went by. Entertaining, sociable and above all very, very funny – like always!


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