The jump shot is the most important and most frequently used shot in handball. By jumping into the air, it is much more difficult for the opponent’s defense to block the ball. So much for the theory.

But how the whole thing is put into practice, knows our “man for big jumps” – Moritz Süßmeir. Handball has been his passion since the first grade. And that’s still the case today, although his enthusiasm for IT has been added to the mix.

Moritz has been an IT consultant at NetDescribe for a year now. His even-tempered nature and team spirit make him a super sympathetic colleague. Our customers appreciate Moritz as an expert for NetV as a Service and Infosim StableNet®.

Handball is still the perfect balance for him. As an active left winger, he makes the highest jumps in the first men’s team of SV Mering. He already showed determination and commitment at the age of 17, when he obtained his coaching license and thus his C license. He also found his dream job as an IT specialist through handball. His B-youth coach at the time offered him an internship, which was groundbreaking for his further education.

His parents, who were both active handball players when they were young,
didn’t just pass on their enthusiasm for the sport to him.

His father is a master stonemason with his own business in the third generation. He also masters the craft of stone carving. On special occasions, such as the turn of the year, Moritz passes the time with this old, almost forgotten craft. Like his great-grandfather, he carves stones and provides them with a beautiful engraving.

Heiner Brand, legendary national coach who won the World Championship with the German men’s national handball team in 2007, once said:

“the best thing about good young talent: you can make it even better.”

However, this is not only true for sports, but also for IT Consulting at NetDescribe.






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