Perhaps some of our readers know the early film classic “Der Berg ruft!” (“The mountain is calling!”) with Luis Trenker, which dramatically depicts the first ascent of the Matterhorn. A tour that our colleague Anna would certainly also tackle with enthusiasm.

As a passionate mountaineer, she loves to climb the via ferratas of the high mountains in her free time. Of course, there is already a goal for this summer.

The “Jubiläumsgrat”! One of the most spectacular ridge crossings in the Eastern Alps, which stretches from the summit of the Zugspitze to the summit of the Alpspitze and is considered highly challenging!

She doesn’t need the courage for these challenges in her job as Project & Bid Manager at NetDescribe. However, her strength to focus on a fixed goal and lead it to success is highly appreciated by our customers.

And when she’s not looking at the world from high above, she simply changes her perspective. Heart over head. Because the handstand should not only help to reach a state of mental balance and clarity, but it also helps to build courage and self-confidence. Which brings us back to climbing!

With both feet on the ground, Anna loves to dance to Latin American sounds. Whether it’s Samba, Salsa or Rumba, her personal performance standards are high and her partner – no surprise – is a professional ballroom dancer.

In her daily life, on the home spinning bike or in the swimming pool, she trains the physical condition she needs for the mountains and the dance floor.

But be careful! Because with so much professionalism in the job and the demanding hobbies, you might think that there are no vices at all, but far from it!

Because as a true “Münchner Kindl” (living in Munich), Anna is a self-confessed beer drinker. At the “Kocherlball” or at the Oktoberfest, you’re always in good company with her. After all, she has a lot of exciting stories to tell.

For example, about her impressive trek to the magical Inca fortress of Machu Picchu in Peru. And then it can suddenly happen that you hear it yourself – the call of the mountains.




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