Since the age of 12, Stefan Steinmann, our Principal Technical Consultant, has been drawn to technology and computers. The question, “How does it work?” has been driving him since he was a little boy.

Instead of an apprenticeship as an industrial management assistant, he opts for an apprenticeship in IT in order to achieve what many others only dream of: “Turn your hobby into a profession, then you’ll have a lifetime of fun at work.” (slightly modified quote from Confucius)

Having “grown up” with network monitoring/WAN management, Stefan first spent 12 years on the customer side. When he started as a consultant at NetDescribe six years ago, he already knew exactly what really makes good consulting. With regard to his individual requirements and wishes, the customer is always involved in order to achieve the best possible result on a partnership basis. Our customers appreciate this commitment very much and we hope to be able to realize many more exciting projects together with Stefan.

However, so much enthusiasm for the work at NetDescribe also requires a good balance to recharge his batteries. Running in the fields and on forest paths is “everyday head clearing”, but the cross and obstacle runs, which Stefan masters once or twice a year, are the true fun.

The “Tough Mudder Run” gets down to the nitty-gritty. On routes between 12-16 KM, various obstacles such as high walls, climbing passages, ice baths and mud holes must be overcome. You better not be squeamish.

Stefan’s big wish is to compete in one of these races with the NetDescribe team in order to master this challenge together with his colleagues. Volunteers ahead! The tough guys and gals join in and the couch potatoes cheer on the troops.

The people who accompany Stefan to the concerts of his favorite bands should not be squeamish either. After all, his preferred genre of music can be a bit heavier. Rock and metal are the clear favorites.The new German hard band Rammstein has accompanied Stefan since his youth.

“Bouldering” instead is less noisy. Climbing without a safety rope at jumping height requires extreme body tension, muscle strength and enduring concentration. For the past two years, Stefan has also been practicing this demanding discipline, where the main goal is to avoid falling.

Absolute precision, as well as controlled, smooth movements are essential for the sport shooter. For over 20 years, Stefan’s shooting has been about focusing on himself and constantly improving his results. As in his job, his motivation is permanent improvement.

But there are also sides to Stefan that have nothing to do with ambition and mastery. One of them is his great love for his 8-year-old son. He spends as much time as possible with him. And when he’s playing, he likes to be a kid again, too.

When the two of them take their turns on the Carrera track together, he suddenly doesn’t care who the winner is.







About NetDescribe GmbH

NetDescribe GmbH is headquartered in Oberhaching in the south of Munich. Trusted Performance by NetDescribe stands for fail-safe business processes and cloud applications. The power of NetDescribe is tailor-made technology stacks instead of off-the-shelf technology. The holistic portfolio offers data analysis, solution concepts, development, implementation and support. As a trusted advisor to corporations and public institutions, NetDescribe delivers highly scalable solutions with state-of-the-art technologies for real-time dynamic and transparent monitoring. This provides customers with insights into security, cloud, IoT and industry 4.0 at all times. They can make agile decisions, secure internal and external compliance and conduct efficient risk management.

Trusted Performance by NetDescribe.