On 18.02.2021 many cheerful customers met for our first Huckleberry #aufdieFreundschaft Gin Tasting with our Anniversary Partner Armis. It was entertaining, fun, informative and above all a successful change, both for the guests and the hosts.

When preparations for our 15th anniversary were in progress last year, all that was really missing was a good anniversary drink. Someone – who it was will not be revealed here – brought the Munich Gin Manufacture Huckleberry #aufdieFreundschaft into play. At the first meeting in Schwabing, it quickly became clear “that this cooperation was a good fit”.

Jens and Max’s product is absolutely first class and their motto – #auf die Freundschaft (#Here’sToUs) – simply brilliant. “The best way to have a good drink is with good friends.” That’s the way it is!

The fruity Huckleberry Gin is lovingly distilled by hand three times from 22 botanicals. Only natural spices and fresh berries go into the kettle. The signature botanical is the huckleberry. It gives the gin its unique, unmistakable taste.

Our idea of an online gin tasting WITH our partners FOR our customers, was immediately liked. The response to the invitation in January was great. Then the event packages were packed.

In the afternoon of 18.02.2021, more than 20 participants gathered at the screens. Everyone was in the best of moods and, thanks to the NetDescribe event packs, perfectly equipped.
Ronald Kirch-Collins, our Sales Manager, welcomed the guests and gave the floor to Alexander, Regional Director DACH of Armis. He introduced Armis, but deliberately kept it short, because after all the Gin Tasting was in the spotlight.

Our gin master Marco told us in an entertaining way how to recognize a good gin. It was smelled, tasted. First without ice, then with.

Not as with wine, put the nose too deep into the tasting glass, rather allow the sense of smell, by passing the glass, on the subtleties. Don’t wet the whole glass from the inside, just pour and taste. Color, intensity, finish – all could be experienced with the senses. To top it off, the classic: Gin and Tonic. “Simply delicious!”

Now the Huckleberry Gin Liqueur was tasted. Dark red and promising, it shimmers in the small bottles, which were quickly uncorked. Smell, taste, let unfold on the tongue, enjoy the finish. Fruity, and naturally sweet, the Huckleberry Gin Liqueur is refined with even more blueberries. Of course, again without artificial additives and flavors. A light drink for the coming summer. As “Huck Royal” with Prosecco, supplemented with lime as a sour counterpart, a fruity sweet mood bomb.

Our guests were happy! With full attention and increasing enthusiasm was tasted, commented, laughed and praised. Insider tips were exchanged, sources and own recipes were given to the very best. Most of them stayed until after 6 pm. The perfect sign of a terrific party!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our great customers who were the best guests. And as they say with Huckleberry Gin – “It’s best enjoyed in good company!” In this spirit: Cheers and #aufdieFreundschaft!

If you would like to join us for our next Huckleberry Gin Tasting in March with our anniversary partner SentinelOne, please just contact our Sales Team sales@netdescribe.com or call +49 89 215 4868-0.


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