2020 will be remembered by all of us. Hopefully, not only the negative headlines will remain in our minds. After all, there has been a real push for digitalisation in many areas. Investments in digital technologies are rapidly catching up. Remote work and working from home have arrived in most companies. However, the greater flexibility of the workplace also leads to an explosion of unmanaged and IT/OT devices. But m
ost companies cannot see 40% of the devices in their environment. They struggle to identify managed and unmanaged devices and protect their systems accordingly. The solution for your real-time inventory and asset management comes from our new partner Armis.

Digitisation is speeding up the increase of managed and unmanaged devices in the work environment. However, many companies struggle to identify all the devices in their environment. But visibility is an essential component of any security strategy. Organisations not only need to maintain an accurate inventory of all managed, unmanaged and IoT devices, but also understand the risks that may come with each device. Armis provides both types of information.

Image: Architecture of the agentless Armis platform

Armis research shows that, on average, organisations do not see 40% of the devices in their environment. From traditional laptops, desktops and smartphones, as well as new unmanaged devices such as smart TVs, webcams, printers, HVAC systems, industrial robots, medical instruments and more. Often, companies do not have a comprehensive, real-time view of all the assets in their environment – nor do they know the risks.

The Armis Security Platform
Armis is the first agentless, enterprise-class security platform to address the new threat landscape of unmanaged and IoT devices. We discover every managed, unmanaged, and IoT device on and off of your network, analyze device behavior to identify risks or attacks, and protect your critical business information and systems. Armis is agentless and integrates easily with your existing security products.

Armis can even identify off-network devices using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other IoT protocols in your environment — a capability no other security product offers without additional hardware.

The comprehensive device inventory that Armis generates includes critical information like device manufacturer, model, serial number, location, username, operating system, installed applications, and connections made over time. By bringing all device data together, Armis provides trusted, comprehensive and unified asset management. In addition, Armis creates a real-time inventory that includes temporarily active devices.

ARMIS, the leading security platform for agentless IT/OT devices, is the solution for your realtime inventory and asset management.

There’s more from ARMIS on the ARMIS product page of our website.

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Furthermore Armis will be our anniversary partner in the month of FEBRUARY and MAY. Please find all news on our NetDescribe Anniversary Page!  (sorry only availabe in German)
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