Reveal(x) now brings threat detection and response and complete visibility, including application analytics to midsize enterprises in a single platform that’s simple to deploy and manage, and provides instant value out of the box, with optional on-demand security expert services to further accelerate response and increase security maturity.

Complete visibility
Reveal(x) provides visibility across the entire enterprise, covering critical security needs and operational use cases in a single, simple platform across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments, so cross-functional teams can consolidate tools and maximize efficiency.

Real-time detection
Reveal(x) detects the most common, catastrophic threats in real-time, stopping ransomware in its tracks, and catching insider threats and low-and-slow attackers before damage is done, with richt context on every detection so any analyst can respond with confidence.

Guided Investigation
Reveal(x) lets every analyst be an army with guided investigation and rich context around every detection, accelerating response and resolution, and helping analysts learn quickly and add value rapidly in the most relevant context: your actual environment.

Rise above Ransomware & more
Reveal(x) detects the most common and increasingly catastrophic threats, such as ransomware, right out of the box using a combination of machine learning and rules-based detections to provide confident detections, no false positives, and rapid investigation and response options across the entire environment that any analyst can understand.

Business Benefits
for midsize enterprises


Get value instantly 
Reveal(x) is fast and simple to deploy. It starts detecting threats right out of the box using advanced machine learning, threat intelligence and precise built-in rules.

Detect what matters
Reveal(x) detects ransomware, cryptomining, and other costly fast-acting threats immediately, as well as low-and-slow advanced threats that lurk for months.

Unify security and application visibility 
Reveal(x) deeply analyzes application traffic, so you can detect threats and troubleshoot application performance in one place.

Understand threats fast 
Reveal(x) includes guided investigations, mitigation steps, remediation suggestions, and MITRE, CIS, and NIST links for rich context and rapid response to every detection.

Get on-demand expertise
ExtraHop Spotlight Services provide targeted on-demand expert security guidance for investigating and responding to specific detections in your environment.

Upskill your analysts
With Reveal(x) every analyst is an army. Rich context, powerful workflows and trusted detections mean even Tier 1 analysts can validate detections and respond with confidence.

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