Effective asset and inventory management requires visibility into every device in your environment, from the manufacturing line to the executive suite. This broad scope is essential because bad actors see your environment as one interconnected attack surface. Armis is an agentless, passive device security platform that secures all types of managed and unmanaged devices – OT, IT, and IoT. It discovers and identifies all devices in your environment and their associated risks, performs continuous, real-time risk analysis of device behavior, and detects and automatically responds to threats.

Manage Risk Effectively. Respond to Threats Efficiently.
With so many devices in a typical enterprise environment alone, it’s challenging to know which ones most vulnerable to an attack. Adding an entire OT environment makes planning and prioritizing mitigation that much more difficult.

The Armis Splunk integration
extends OT visibility and security to Splunk’s Data to Everything platform for a consolidated view of devices and risks that helps you keep your entire environment protected. Armis deploys without installing any endpoint agents or additional hardware. It requires no learning period to start identifying devices or detecting threats, so you can get started seeing value right away.
Integration makes all of the rich information Armis provides available to your security team right in the SIEM interface they already know and use every day.

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ARMIS, the leading security platform for agentless IT/OT devices, is the solution for your realtime inventory and asset management.

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