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With the Observer platform, VIAVI is a technology leader and has been successfully listed in the Gartner Quadrant* for Network Performance Management and Diagnostics (NPMD) for over 6 years. NetDescribe has been a partner of VIAVI since 2019.

With Observer, highly scalable procedures are applied to the standards Netflow, Syslog, SNMP to generate complex information packets (Enriched Flow Record) from the very limited IP data stream. These are made available in real-time for disply and forensic network analysis.

The information thus combined created the basis for an end-to-end visualization of the communication relationships in a network. The performance of the system is reflected in the amount of data to be processed. In a network, for example, more than 100,000 flow data records per second may be waiting to be processed.

This unprecendet consolidation of data is a perfect working platform for the specialist with many years of experience, as well as for the junior employee in network support, to react quickly and efficiently to support requests. Exactly what is expected from an efficient team.

In both network and performance management, such meaningful analyses ensure fail-safe operation and successful planning.

*Gartner Magic Quadrant for NPMD, Jonah Kowall, Vivek Bhalla, Colin Fletcher, 2019

Observer GigaFlow

NetDescribe OBSERVER APP for splunk>

The implementation of the VIAVI Observer technology in the NetDescribe DNA was the starting point for the integration of flow and other network-based data in splunk>. Presented LIVE for the first time at splunk> .conf in Las Vegas 2019.

The merging of SOC (Security Operation Center) and NOC (Network Operation Center) services shows an unprecedented transparency in communication processes and communication relationships in networks.

Until now the integration of flow data was a challenge for the splunk> infrastructure. In our solution we use the VIAVI Observer technology to enrich the flow data and make it available to splunk>. The novel visibility of the data in this powerful, scalable solution is visualized for splunk> via dashboards designed by us. SOC teams can thus access a new source of real-time network data.

NetDescribe Gigaflow
NetDescribe Gigaflow

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