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The Newsletter. As controversial as inevitable. Almost every company has it. So we are. Since January you can subscribe to the NetDescribe Newsletter and receive it six times a year. So far so good.
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In order to answer these questions in concrete terms, we have compiled the highlights from the last three issues for you here. If you like our topics, we would be pleased to hear from you by clicking on the registration button at the end of this article. Thank you very much.

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A topic from our first issue in January was ‘Innovation’. For us this means optimising solutions. The implementation of VIAVI Observer technology in NetDescribe DNA was the starting point for the integration of flow and other network-based data in splunk>. This enhancement enables the presentation of data in unique depth and transparency. Link: NetDescribe OBESERVER APP for Splunk 

Newsletter no. 2 in March
If one believes the forecasts, there will probably be more than 125 billion connected IoT devices by 2030. Many of them have little or no built-in safety features. Read how SentinelOne solves this problem by using AI to monitor and control access to any IoT device. Link: SentinelOne RANGER – endpoint protection IoT networks

The NetDescribe StableNet® solution for Splunk was developed in response to many years of experience with the product and numerous customer requirements. With this NetDescribe enhancement we combine the power of StableNet® with the comfortable data analysis and visualization of Splunk.
Link: NetDescribe StableNet® APP for Splunk

In our third newsletter in May we were very pleased to present ‘NetV as a Service’ to you. With NetV as a Service we now offer you a flexible and highly scalable network management solution against monthly billing to support you in your innovation process. Link: Out Now! NetV as a Service

Benefit from our expertise as Trusted Advisor! As independent system integrator, we deliver fail-safe IT services for operations, security and compliance. Our goal is a long-term partnership and customer satisfaction. That’s our motivation. Increase your performance. Lead the way with NetDescribe!
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