Image 1: With only two mouse clicks the details of the inventoried devices are available.

Network management has been a core competence of NetDescribe since our beginnings in 2006. Today, enterprise networks have become the central factor of digital strategy. Hybrid and distributed environments make analysis and monitoring more and more complex and dynamic.

The development of a monitoring strategy should focus on the most important performance indicators. Real-time information from a network analysis can be used to identify problems, make network operations more efficient and drive automation.

However, many organizations lack complete visibility.

NetV as a Service is our network management solution that is individually tailored to the requirements of your company. Our service includes the inventory and monitoring of all predefined devices and services.

Especially in distributed enterprise networks with 20 or more sites, the NOC (Network Operation Center) specialists often cannot determine the cause and localization of slowed down processes, because the network provider cannot offer detailed information about the bandwidth in distributed networks.

Image 2: The browser-based views (e. g. a Geo map) show all information on any device.

This is where Performance Monitoring provides the solution.

With NetV as a Service, we can monitor the bandwidths of the entire network, including between the company’s various sites, and check their utilization.

To ensure this, a preconfigured hardware-based agent is deployed at each site. Access is via a server in a data center over a secure VPN connection. The customer receives monthly reports. Updates are automatically applied and troubleshooting is part of the routine.

Image 3: IP-SLA measurements are displayed in the GUI. For example the bandwidths on a network interface.

NetV as a Service Starter Package

But from the very start. At the beginning, the customer receives a starter package from NetDescribe, consisting of a workshop in which the individual KPIs are determined and then implemented with NetV as a Service. In addition, two web-based dashboards that show all information about any end device and an alarm routine. In this way, a standard SLA can be placed over the network in the shortest possible time.

Primarily SNMP is used for NetV as a Service, but also the options like NetFLOW or JSON can be used to monitor and analyze networks. The hardware-based agents at all the sites are preconfigured Infosim SNEA (StableNet Embedded Agents). The server equipment on the customer’s side is vendor-independent. Hosting of ScanPlus with two locations in the south and north of Germany complies with the TIER III Datacenter Standard with a 99.9% availability. NetV as a Service is available 24/7.

With NetV as a Service, NetDescribe offers a flexible and scalable solution that includes the following services:
Inventory | Monitoring | Alert | Measuring | Display the operating status of all network devices 

NetV as a Service is a customized service that is billed monthly on a chosen term of 12-60 months. The pricing model is based on the number of hardware-based agents and devices. There are one-time costs for setup and commissioning, as well as setup per site. Various additional options allow monitoring of different devices, from a simple Layer 2 switch to a Windows/Linux server to high-performance packet brokers and firewalls.

The service is flexible, highly scalable and also suitable for smaller network applications. With NetV as a Service, we also support medium-sized companies in their innovation process.

Nine good reasons for NetV as a Service at a glance:

  1. The benefits become visible immediately after commissioning
  2. The solution can be expanded at any time
  3. Easy accounting
  4. Flexible contract term of up to 60 months
  5. Innovative roadmap for more services
  6. No transmission of user data or package content
  7. Manufacturer independence
  8. Measured data is located in a German data center
  9. Auditing tool with powerful optional reporting

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