NetV as a Service

The Challenge

Network management includes the monitoring, control and administration of IT networks. In complex infrastructures, these tasks are performed by software tools, so-called network management systems, which are usually operated and monitored in the IT departments of the companies, i.e. "on premise". The lack of network transparency, a too low degree of automation and overloaded NOC teams (Network Operation Center) are the biggest weaknesses in network management.

NetV as a Service – the Individualised Solution from NetDescribe

With NetV as a Service, NetDescribe offers a flexible scalable solution that includes the following services:
Inventory | Monitoring | Alert | Measuring | Display the operational status of ALLnetwork devices


1 NetV Specifications

NetDescribe offers NetV as a service according to the TIER III datacenter standard with 99.9% availability. Secure communication with the customer's network is established via a hardware-based agent.

NetDescribe provides NetV as a service with individual terms of 12-60 months. Various options are available for customized network management.

2 NetV as a Service Starter Package

The customer receives a starter package consisting of a workshop, two dashboards and an alarm routine to set up a standard SLA over his network in no time.

In the workshop the customer's KPIs are determined in order to implement and display them in further steps with NetV as a Service.

Different, add-on options allow monitoring of different devices, from a simple Layer2 switch to a Windows/Linux server up to high-performance packet brokers and firewalls.


Primarily SNMP is used for NetV as a Service, but options such as NetFLOW or JSON can also be used by NetV as a Service to monitor and analyze networks.

Image 1: The browser-based views (in this case a Geo map) show all information on any device.

Image 2: With only two mouse clicks the details of the inventoried devices are available.


Image 3: IP-SLA measurements are displayed in the GUI. For example the bandwidths on a network interface.

4 Nine good reasons to implement NetV as a Service

  1. benefits visible immediately after commissioning
  2. extendable at any time
  3. easy accounting
  4. flexible contract duration up to 60 months
  5. innovative roadmap for more services
  6. no transmission of user data or package contents
  7. independent of manufacturer
  8. measured data is located in a German data center
  9. audit tool with a powerful optional reporting

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